Calling all Parents!

You have ONE body!!! You were given a body that is capable of SO much more than you think. I cannot tell you how many clients tell me (in a surprised voice I might add) how good they feel now they have been moving their bodies more – less backaches, more mobility, they can walk the stairs with ease… I could go on and on!

The truth is exercise is magic, I’m absolutely serious. It gives you the strength, the optimism, the flexibility to do the rest. It is an amulet that transforms like a one a day pill..a feel good pill that ought to be illegal but isn’t … You take it every day and it makes you feel absolutely great….. Right away.

So STOP dropping your kids off at practice and then SIT!!!!!!

WHY would you sit on the sidelines and say “my time is up… it is now time for my kids.” YOUR time is NOT up!!! You can be setting an example!!! “But I’ll struggle…” GOOD!!! You will teach your children to NOT give up by “”struggling””

OHHHHH and ONE more thing!!! Do NOT talk down about yourself, your body, what you ate, how many calories….. and NEVER use the words “SKINNY or FAT” in front of your kids!!!! Girls or boys!

Instead, say: I am doing this to feel “STRONG” and “HEALTHY” Movement heals! This is NOT about weight!!! THIS is NOT a DIET (Die =T) It is about SELF LOVE!!!

Please do not post pictures of yourself from “back when I was_________ (you know what you would say….) These “Thoughts and words damage self esteem (YOURS and your family!)

Go! Train WITH your kids!!! Go NOW!! Bike, Hike and move TOGETHER! Make it fun and set the example that the rest of your life…. is the BEST of your life!


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