Omg! It’s almost Christmas!! ……It will come even if my washroom is a mess, my children’s hair is not combed and I ran out of apples……it will still come if we forget something, in fact it will be here and gone before we can blink… In truth I have always loved Christmas eve better than Christmas day, more magic, more “pause” more peace… that is until you realise there is one more thing to do…  😉 So, why do we panic about this kind of stuff!?!?

Listen….. it is SO important to take a moment and breathe… Why? Well it is because our bodies are more likely to hold on to extra fat while we are under stress. (could be those cookies too…)

Did you know, when we undergo stressful situations such as… being chased by a bear ? or stressing out over that messy washroom ….our cortisol levels elevate! (Cortisol is our stress hormone) When this happens, our bodies are basically saying “woah! Stress!!! I MUST produce energy, protect vital organs and hold ON to fat!” You see, it produces energy because our body doesn’t know if we really are being chased by a bear or if we are trying to get everything done before the holidays. Both stressful situations therefore… higher cortisol levels.

You may see this happen when you are stressing over the number on the scale. It may not be moving because you’re STRESSING over it and you may be thinking about it all the time which produces… you guessed it, STRESS!

So, try to avoid stress (easier said than done… I know, I know.) You can, however, incorporate yoga and meditation into your life. Also hydration is key… try drinking more water and if it’s cold out drink more herbal tea. AND…. a BIG one is… get enough sleep! When you don’t sleep, your cortisol levels elevate big time! So make sure you catch some zzzz’s!


Okay everyone… deep breath. Let’s exhale all that Shhhhhhhh

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