It is the last week of the year, we have enjoyed it… The family, food, friends…. Did I mention the FOOD. 😉 LOL! Now before you go and start beating yourself up about that please remember this… It is NOT what you eat between Christmas and New Years, it IS what you eat between New Years and Christmas that you need to focus on!

Why do we crave a fresh start at this time of year? It is because we are “out of the routine” Lounging, sleeping in, being off work, school, schedules…. Once we fall out of the routine, we eventually crave it again…. Then once we have too much of the “routine” we CRAVE…. Well this…. (holiday time, vacation, birthday’s, adventure) … It is how we were made 🙂

As we approach the new year let’s all take a moment and reflect on where the last year has brought us… Did you travel? Learn a new skill? Try something new? Meet a new friend? Connect and also remove any social media contacts (this is a really hard but necessary step) If there is someone who’s negative energy-zaps you of yours then it is time to let go… seriously. Unless they are completely related to you (even then you don’t have to be socially connected) it’s time to move forward. Is the space you live in a positive one? Do you need to change or rearrange anything? Have you filled your soul with information in the way of podcasts, books, courses, retreats? Do you like the direction you are currently taking? (Yes, the direction that you are CURRENTLY taking… Daily!)

Once you have completed a “look back” as it were then you can begin to look forward…

Before you can begin anything you will need to perform a “Detox” … NOT a BODY detox, a MINDSET detox… think about it.. Setting intentions for this new year can be quite the spiritual practice… looking back at where we struggled with and then really be truthful about what direction we would like to go next… Setting up new resolutions will never work unless we get to the root of WHY they haven’t… If our goals are not a 10 out of 10 then we will never be successful… seriously… unless you TRULY want/need/ can’t stop thinking about it ALL the time then it’s not the right time for that particular goal… Start with the one that is BURNING inside your heart… Yup that one… What is it? WRITE that down… Once it’s on paper then (AHHH real AND scary!!!) Out in the world they go where the magic can begin… Once it’s there (on paper) Then look at it…. Can you break it down? Begin step by step…. Small little steps… no, not steps… WINS… yes that’s better… let’s call them that… DAILY WINS…

Are you ready?


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